Thursday, September 15, 2011

High School Football

Last Friday night Drew and I went to William's high school football game.    We did go to one game last year, but it was not a home game. Several things was very interesting.....

1- Melissa and her friends were all about looking cute and who they could see. I honestly don't think Melissa sat and watched one play of the game. Too many people to see!! Too many people to talk to!!!

2- Ben watched the game intently....until he realized we would not be winning....or all.

3 - Purple cow bells make no sense to me.

4 - Melissa was not the only one who was there to socialize.   I just hope all those young adults (couldn't tell if they were currently seniors or had graduated and were now in college) behaved after the game. 

5 - Love how my boys have no problems wearing their Ole Miss shirts anywhere!  Hotty Toddy!!

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