Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Day of Remembering

I never intend to go so long without posting, but frankly - sometimes it's hard to get a turn on a computer around here!!  I love checking my email and facebook on my smartphone, but writing a post?  Not so much.  With a husband and kids that all seems to be on both computers at the same time, I seem to have to fight for a turn. And sometimes, it's easier not to. So, here's what's been going on around here:

1-  Last weekend Drew and I went to Washington, DC to check on our rent house.  Renovations had been completed that we needed to check on.  It looks amazing!  Very happy!  Even with all the reno's, there was still a ton of stuff we needed to do. Mainly, yard work - and I do mean a lot!   I don't think either Drew or I had done that much physical labor in a LOOONNNGGG time.  It hurt and we ached. But in the end, it was all worth it.  We have shown the house two times so far.  Prayerfully, soon we'll get another wonderful family living there. (Wonderful as in paying rent!)

2 - The best part of a weekend in DC?  Seeing friends!! Oh, so good to see their faces!!! I needed a good dose of them.

3 - The bad part of a weekend in DC? Not seeing other friends.  Several we're out of town....bad timing. But maybe this just means I need another trip to DC???

4 - Suzi taking pity on me and bringing me my  Chocolate Covered Coffee beans from Trader Joe's.   I knew that we would not have time for that, but she stopped and pick up four boxes for me. It's just a chocolate coffee heaven. I'm so blessed to have such a good friend.

5 - My parents keeping the kids - love that they love having my kids! My in-laws kept the kids in July and my mom last weekend - how blessed is that??!! Amazing!  After living away from family for so long, Drew and I are so loving being this close to them.

6 - Not only getting to see my parents upon returning, but Drew's parents as well. They were traveling back to their house after seeing great-grand baby.

7 - A huge blessing in our family is the birth of Drew's niece's baby - the first of another generation.  Margot is beautiful  and Drew, the kids and I are looking forward to meeting her soon.

8 - Getting back to work!!!  I was asked three times to sub at Ben's school - I had to turn down the first two times, but was able to teach third grade last Thursday. It was a sweet class. Hopefully, the teacher will call me again in the future.

9 - Teaching Bible study again. This coming Thursday will be the start date.  I have not heard of the author before, but so far I am enjoying the book.  While I was not able to pick the book, I'm hoping that next time either I will be able to or whomever will be teaching will be able to.

10 - Lots of emotions today..... 9/11 ten years later....  I have to admit that I have purposely avoided watching any of the TV shows concerning anything to do with it.  Our life totally changed that day. We still feel the pain.  My husband has missed two Christmas' (and other Holiday's, birthdays, and too many days to count) because of the events of that day. Being a military family with wars going on is heat-wrenching. I don't need a special day to remember, we live it.

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This is My Life said...

Exactly! Love your last sentence. It was a very emotional day around here, especially w/ Jon there in DC. Glad you were able to grab a some computer time - was missing your posts! :-) Have a great week!