Friday, September 23, 2011

Week in Review

It's been a busy week! It didn't really start out that way, but when I work it does.  I subbed for one of the PE teachers here at a local school.  As far as subbing goes, it was an easy day - the kids did all the work and I just called out the time for their mile run.

Sooo glad I wasn't the one running.

I really don't like to run.

Yesterday, I taught Bible study, then meet with a friend to go over another Bible study book. Loved both  of those!

Then ran  back and forth to Melissa's art class. Today  Melissa tested for what they call here "gifted art". Sad to say, she didn't qualify.  Not sure how exactly you qualify, but she did not. She had to take a test of art terms, then finish a few pictures (like half of a box would be there and she would draw the other half) then she was directed to draw hand in the fist position.  She walked out saying she didn't think she made it because it was so hard.

But she will continue to take art lessons from her private teacher. Art is something she really enjoys.

Next week she and William will both test for "gifted music".  I'm really hoping that one or both makes it for piano.  If so, then they will quit taking lessons from their current teacher and I can save some money!!! And have more free time in the afternoons.

Which we need since soccer has started. For both boys.  Busy times, busy times.

The big news here is that we gave the older kids cell phone is last night.  Deep sigh.  I have mixed feelings about this, but I know it was time.

Tomorrow will be just as busy - soccer, cross-country meet, and a girls church event....Thankfully, Sunday is a day of will be enjoyed!

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