Monday, September 26, 2011

And So It Begins....

The crazy soccer schedule that is.  Both boys are in soccer - William is actually one two teams at the moment....not sure what craziness I was processing to allow that!  Although, I didn't think they would over-lap by anymore than a week.

Oh, how I was wrong.

Today William is to start "conditioning" with the high school team while on a local team.....tomorrow should be fun with two hours of conditioning with the high school and ninety minutes of practice with the local team. Yeah  - some how get his homework done in there some where.  But we'll give it a try for at least for a day or two and see how he does.  He may be missing practice with the local team....hopefully, he'll still get to play in the games.

Ben was to have practice tonight, but came home from school with a tummy-ache, head-ache, throat -ache.  He's been home for two hours and has been asleep the WHOLE time!!  No fever, though.  Hopefully, he'll wake up fine and dandy.

Melissa had a cross-country meet Saturday. It was close to my parents' house, so we drove over Friday night to spend some time with them and stay the night. Over all, she did well - 8:44 for a hilly one mile.  Not the best - but oh, so, much better than I could do! For a first time meet on an unfamiliar course, I think she did great. This weekend her meet will be two miles. She thinks she'll do better at this longer distance.  Hope so - we shall see!

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