Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Week

Yes, sadly, another week has gone by without my posting.  Deep sigh.  I guess, I need to fight for more computer time! some of what has happened around here....

...Soccer: more and more practice...a few games...Ben's team won. William's team lost.  More practice. More games to come.

...Cross country - Melissa is starting to run.  She's had two meets so far - one more to go at the end of the month.  She's working hard to get better. The week she ran two miles at 19:37. Not the best time - not the worse time. But so much better then I could ever do!

...Piano.....piano is an interesting topic around this house.  All the kids will say they take lessons because they have no choice and we make them. True.  Until now. Today the two older ones were tested for the school's music gifted program. William is thrilled!  He's the one that truly LOVES piano.  The other two? Not so much. But understand that this is our family and we believe in music education.  Last night as were we talking to them about this test and going over some of the possible questions, Melissa said she hates piano and doesn't want to do this. Okay, said Drew. You don't have to anymore.    She was THRILLED!!!  Jumped up and down and hugged Drew.

Then, an hour later it was a different story!  She had second thoughts about quitting. She talked of how hard she has worked on these pieces of music.  We left the decision up to her - with her knowing that she could quit now and it would the end. But if she went to the testing then she would be making a commitment.  No more grumbling.

She decided to go to the test.

Both of them had to play two pieces then sight-read another piece.  I am THRILLED to say both were accepted into the program!! Oh, YES!! 

Big, big news here!  Drew even took them out to dinner at Olive Garden tonight.

In other news, it looks like Melissa will be back in glasses soon. She has been complaining about not being able to see the board very well at school. Today she failed a vision test given by the nurse. Good thing she has a complete eye exam tomorrow at the eye doc's.

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