Monday, October 31, 2011

Questions that Make you Think

Last week in at church the question was posed "What is your proudest parenting moment?"  I was stumped.  Had no clue.

Not that the kids don't make me proud - they do.  But on the spot, I just couldn't think of anything specific.  Then later as I was pondering the question, I still had trouble. 

Yes, my kids are typically good kids. Yes, they do well in school, sports, piano - generally get along with others, but are those things for ME to be proud of?  What exactly did I do that made them that way?

As Drew and I were talking about this, we both felt it was lots of little things we did.  We model behavior we want, we correct and discipline, we're consistent (mostly), we shared Jesus with them, we spend time with them. But mainly we just are being obedient to the Lord in how He has laid on our heart how to raise these kids. 

I'm not comfortable saying that's something I should be proud of - I see it as God's blessings. Are they perfect? No. Do they always make the decision we want them to make? No. But they are somehow wonderful.

Whatever I'm doing right, I pray that I keep doing right.

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