Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Few More Books

I have made it through a stack of books from the library - sadly, only two are worth mentioning here.  The rest I read a few pages of then put down - never to be looked at again.

One of the ones I liked was Barbara Taylor Bradford's Three Weeks  in Paris. Its about four friends reuniting about several years (forgot how many) after art school.  In the weeks leading up to graduation, they all had a falling out and have not talked since. The books tells the story of how each arrived at art school, how each has had success in their own field and how each spent three weeks in Paris leading up to the 80th (or 85th, can't remember that either) birthday of their beloved art teacher.  It's a great read! Enjoyed it.

The other book was actually non-fiction - the life story of the author, Jeanette Wells. The book is  The Glass Castle.  The opening story is of Jeanette leaving her Park Ave apartment for a party, but returns home upset after she spots her mother routing through a trash can. The books tells the story of how they both have ended up where they are in life: one living in a posh Park Ave apartment and the other homeless.  It's a fascinating story   - totally American.  But also sad to know there are still people living in poverty and addictions.

For the most part I have had trouble getting into most books because my mind has been filled with the Bible study I have been teaching.  We have one more week before it'll be over.  I'm not sure what this morning group will do next....if they will continue to meet or take a break until next year like the Sunday night groups will do.  I do have plans to join a Thursday night group that will read together "5 Conversations You Need to Have with your Daughter" - but I will not be teaching.

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