Monday, October 31, 2011

I Hate Halloween

I said it.

I really do.

It's like a day people think they can be crazy and that's it okay. 

We only had one set of Trick-or-Treat-ers. Rude Little Rug-Rats is what they were. "But I don't like that kind!!" 

Really?  You come to my house and barley even say, "trick-or treat!" and you want to complain about what I give you?  You're lucky I even opened the door!!

Because the plan to not.  I didn't buy any candy - not even to donate to the church's event (bad church member!). But Melissa decided late in the day to not go begging for candy trick-or-treating. She was torn between handing out candy and helping at the church.  While we were waiting for a response from a text I sent to the children's minister to see if she did need help at the church, Melissa  went through the house for any candy she can give out.

She didn't find a lot....some left-over Christmas peppermints, two bags of candy from when we were "Boo-ed".  Not a lot.

Then that little Rug Rat had the nerve to complain? I really should have not answered the door.

But what really drives me crazy are the people who think normal rules are out the door.  As I was driving home from picking up the boys at church (Melissa did help out at the church,but came home earlier), I saw a truck with  several boys hanging out of the run-roof and sitting on top of the truck! 

Free candy should not a license for stupidity.

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polly said...

agree with everything you said.
tonight was the first halloween we've ever done anything. usually i just turn all the lights out or we go to mcdonalds to play and eat cheap hamburgers. but tonight the offspring decided we needed to do something. so we went to the governor's mansion for a photo op with the top dog and his lovely wife. then we drove past an orthodontists' office that looked like fun. it was. NO candy, yippee. then we went to a trunk or treat party at a church down the street. it was a 50's theme, lots of poodle skirts, great music and a parking lot full of carnival games, cars with candy and prizes in their trunks. f-u-n FUN. but the candy. who needs all that candy? not us!
but i think it's enough for me. we really don't get it. my kids just like the candy.
ironically, adolfas' bible verse this morning was "and be not conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" Romans 12:2
too much worldly conforming for my taste. bad mommy!