Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can You See Me Now?

As school was starting I received a note card in the mail reminding me of Melissa's annual eye appointment.  After talking to Melissa (who claimed she was having no trouble with her eyes) and remembering the school will test the students, I cancelled the appointment.

One less thing on my calendar.

Then after a month or so of school, Melissa started to complain of having a trouble seeing the board.

Really?  Couldn't you have realized that before I cancelled the appointment???

So, I rescheduled for today.  Incidentally, the school testing was yesterday - which Melissa failed.

Much to Melissa's sadness, she will be wearing glasses again. (She wore them for reading only from 1st grade to last  year, but they did their job and taught her eyes to work together.) I went ahead and ordered them today as well - no need to wait.  They should be in next week.

And yes. She has already asked for contacts.

A side story:  Melissa had to be held down - literally!! - for the eye drops to be put in for the dilation.  You would think at THIRTEEN!!! she would be better at this!!

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