Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Change of Thinking

Most of those that know me best, know that I love to study the Bible.  I love to dig in and see what the Almighty has to say to us. It always thrills me.  But sometimes it just blows me away.  Two weeks ago the ladies study group I'm apart of from my church finished up "Brave" by Angela Thomas.  This study was based on a book she wrote, "Do You Know Who I Am?"  (If you have the choice - read the book and skip the study.) While most of the study was "good" or "just okay", one quote totally blow me away.

It was actually from Lisa Terkeurst. "She talked about the dailiness of our lives and how we forget the goodness of God. She said she's re-framing her life with gratefulness and instead of moaning, learning to rejoice with this kind of attitude: Instead of saying, "I have to unload the dishwasher," grateful says, "I am able to unload the dishwasher."

Wow. Blew me away.  So simple. Just a change in attitude really. But in the last few weeks I have tried to phrase my thinking this way...I AM ABLE to do the laundry...I AM ABLE to drive my kids to soccer....or to piano or where-ever they need (want at times) to go. 

I am able.

So many are not. Not just that others can't afford to have their children in after-school activities or afford to have a nice house to clean or a washer/dryer inside the house, but so many are not able due to health reasons.  A friend here is fighting lupus....the next six months will be trying to say the least as she goes through chemo. I know without a doubt there will be some days she would give anything to be able to say "I am able"...

I have no reason to complain. No reason at all.

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