Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Week in Review So Far

Sunday: Answers in Genesis spoke during the Sunday school hour as well as during the morning service in addition to two lessons in the evening.  Fascinating stuff!! Several things I had heard before, but maybe the repetition will make it stick in my head.  His first lesson was all about dinosaurs. And yes, there's dinos in the Bible - Job 40:15-18; 41:19. So, yeah. Dinos were on the Ark - at least baby dinos anyway. 

One thing he explained that I had not heard before was about early Bible people marrying a sibling.  God did not outlaw that until He gave Moses the law. By then so many generations had passed and with each one more and more mutations in DNA. But for the first generations, this was not a problem so that is how Cain, Seth, and many others had a wife.

Like I said: fascinating stuff. If you ever get to hear them, DO!  You will learn so much as well as learn how to explain why evolution is based on faulty assumptions instead of real science.

Monday daytime: I cleaned out the house.   In Melissa's room I found four bottles of deodorant - just in her bedroom. More in the bathroom.  Makes me wonder if she has a concern she needs to talk to me about.....  They were all over the place. On a shelf in the closet. Several in tote bags she uses for cross country.

Monday evening: I dropped William and his friend, Harley, off at the soccer field at 4:45 to get ready for their first scrimmage at six.  I took advantage of the time WITHOUT children to Christmas shop. Of the fun!!  I had a few ideas of what to get the kids for Christmas, but wanted to look around some.  Bought a few things....wrote down a few ideas to reach...all-in-all - it was FUN!!!

Monday night: After running through Arby's (which I will NEVER do again - not so good at all!), I arrived at William's game.  I was pleasantly surprised to see William starting! Very happy about that.  Not so happy when I realized that he was limping....badly. He only stayed on the field for about five minutes before he asked to be pulled off. Drew talked to him at half-time. It seems during warm-ups William and the goalie went after the ball at the same time, but the goalie slide feet first instead of hands first. Landing on William's ankle. Of course, the goalie was about double William's size.

Monday late-night: William and Drew got to spend most of the night at the ER.  Just as we thought and thankfully, it's not broken - just a bad sprain.  He's on crutches.

Tuesday: Ben, Melissa and I went to the dentist while the other two family members slept trying to recover their two a.m. ER fun. Ben and I are in the no cavity club.  Melissa?  Yeah. Poor thing.  Just not fair!  She probably brushes her teeth double the amount that Ben does, but she's the one that gets the cavities.  Darn that DNA!  William did stay home the whole day from school - and used the time wisely by finishing his science fair project. So, glad the day wasn't a total waste!!

Tuesday night: Soccer fund-raiser at Pie Works...where William got an apology from the goalie. Too bad the aplogy won't heal the ankle. But we did get lots of rain!!  This area so needed it!  Now, if we could get rain like that every week or so, the drought would end.

Wednesday: William went back to school - had a hard day on crutches, but made it through.  The ankle is still some-what swollen and bruise.  Just gonna take a while for it to heal.   I worked at the soup kitchen for a little while - but they really didn't need me. This week due to the dinning room floor being re-done, they are just handing out sandwiches.  Afterwards, I went to the BX and commissary.  Bought the turkey for Thanksgiving. I haven't cook a Thanksgiving meal in FIVE years, but will this year with my family. Should be lots of fun (and yes - I really do mean that!)

I was planning on lunch at the BX, but all the lines were long so I went ahead to the commissary. The deli sells pre-made sandwiches and has one table so I ate there.  End of meeting two veterans - both fought in WWII.  Very nice to talk to the them and listen to them talk. Nice guys! (Both were just sitting a spell while their wives grocery shopped.)

Tonight we have piano and church.....normal busy Wednesday....but a good busy.  The rest of the week is just as busy - but once again - a good normal busy - Good thing I love my life!

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