Friday, November 11, 2011


Several weeks ago I joined an evening group of ladies to work through a book called "5 Conversations  You Must Have with  Your Daughter." (I've been unable to continue to attend due to William's soccer games.)  During the opening, the teacher asked us to introduce ourselves, state our children's ages, and what is our proudest parenting moment.

I just looked at my friend - I think we both were totally blank.  I wrote about it here.  But since then, a few things have made me think more about this.

Thursday during my morning Bible study one lady talked about how her father told her once how "honored" he felt when she spent her Spring Break on a missions trip. And how deeply that effected her.  If that "honored" her father, she wanted to do more of those kinds of things.

Then there was today. I was a sub for an eight grade class. For the most of  day, I had great classes. After a few minutes of talking, the students would settle down and do their work.

Then there was fifth hour.

Oh, my.  It's amazing how a handful of kids can ruin a  good day.

I lost count the times I told them to be quiet and get back to work.  To quit passing notes. To quit throwing paper wads. To quit eating in class.  Finally, I had enough. I called the office and requested for the vice principal (who is over discipline) or school police officer to come to my class.  The principal ended up coming and removing five students.

The room was so much better after they left.

As the rest of the day went on (with another great class that did their work), I couldn't help but think about these five students.  I'm sure a few have a home-life that is horrible.  One is probably over-indulged. But none honored their parents today. Whether it's a sub or the regular teacher, when an adult ask student to be quite and do their work, then they should.

Tonight at dinner I talked to my kids about this idea of how they honor Drew and I. Every time they do what they are supposed to do especially when we are not around- then they are honoring us.

And I'm proud. Not of any parenting that I have done, but proud to be their parent.

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