Monday, November 7, 2011


The other day I wrote about rephrasing my thinking - being more positive - being able to do things. Another book has hit me on my attitude as well. It's from  the Resolution Revolution by Priscilla Shirer. This is a book from the Courageous movie. There are 13 resolutions in all, but in the book the first one she writes of is about contentment.  One thing she says is that if we don't have something, then it's because God has deemed it not needed in our lives - whatever the "it" is.

While this is not new thinking to me. I have heard this throughout the years. But this time I applied it to the situation with our rent house. It's been available for rent since the first of September and while we have had several, several people tour the house, no one has signed a lease yet.

Apparently, God has not deemed a renter not needed in our life right now. I'm resting in that.

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