Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughts About Penn State

The more I learn about what happened at Penn State, the more my stomach turns. Those who had the most power used it to save their program and reputation instead of protecting the weakest and youngest among them. It's beyond tragic. It's heartbreaking....disturbing....disgusting.

For those that don't pay attention, back in 2002 a then grad student went into the locker room to put some shoes away only to find the lights and showers on and seeing a grown naked man - a former assistance coach - sexually abusing what looked like a ten year old boy.  The grad student then told his father and together they reported what he seen to his boss, the head football coach -  THE NEXT DAY!!  Then the football coach told his boss.  The information moved up the chain of command, but no one called the police or tried to find this little boy. They did forbid the former assistance coach from  bring any more children into the football locker room - which was in no way enforceable.

But here's the kicker: who was looking after the little boy? Why in the name of all things good, did that grad student not step in and STOP the assault? What's even more disturbing to me, is the grand jury indictment says two years before this a janitor saw a very similar event. He told his supervisor, but apparently no one called the police then.

As a teacher I was trained in dealing with child abuse suspensions. If a teacher suspects abuse - bruises, comments made by the child -  they are to inform their principal who then calls law enforcement. That is NOT this situation.  This grad student SAW THE ACT!!! He is a witness of a crime! Why, oh, why did he not step in and stop it!? And why does he still have a job? As of now, this grad student-now assistance coach will be on sidelines Saturday coaching.

It not only beyond sadden me that a man who was to be a mentor took advantage of boys so younger and helpless.  But it also saddens and appalls me that men are more concerned about the reputation of a football program more than a child.

If you don't see college football being treated as a god and this completely idol worship, then please, open your eyes.


Suzy Oakley said...

Well said, Kelley. I saw your comment on Facebook that you had read the indictment, so I started looking for it online. I couldn't find it, but now I'm glad because I think I know enough.

Thanks for speaking out on this shameful situation. It's too bad it happens all over the world in circumstances our legal authorities will never hear about. Kids are shamed into believing that adults won't believe them. I agree with the mom of one of the boys: "[Sandusky] needs to be locked up."

And the assistant coach needs to lose his job. Anyone who sees such appalling behavior and fails to act should face consequences.

CFloyd said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! NO kidding!! I said the same thing to Troy - you can call your daddy all you want but it better be on your way into that shower to beat that old man to an inch of his life!!! How do call your "daddy" but not 911??? ehk! I'm good with EVERY body getting fired - I HOPE brought up on charges - every one of them. "Whatever you do unto the least of these..." every person that saw or was told and did nothing - did it to Jesus. Lord help us the way we treat children in our society!!