Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Joyful Noise

Sunday afternoon Drew, Melissa and I along with some friends went to see the new movie "Joyful Noise" starring Dolly Parton and Queen  Latifah. Overall, it was an uplifting movie with several wonderful inspiring songs.
But the story lines?  The unnecessary cussing?

Why, oh, why does Hollywood feel like it has to add a cuss word here and there - over and over again? This movie could have easily been rated "G" - and I personally think it would have brought in more movie-goers. But no. Hollywood writers and produces think that cussing and other unsavory story lines are the way to go.

But the cussing wasn't the only problem with the film.  Several story lines had great starts, but didn't really go anywhere or explain anything.  At several times it was stated that the daughter of Dolly Parton's character didn't attend her father's funeral - why?  It never really said.

"Randy" (the grandson of the Dolly Pardon's  character) just shows up to live with his grandmother, but the movie never really says how old he is (even through he dates a 16 year old in the movie) nor if he quit school or is working or getting his GED.

And don't get me started on the Queen Latifah character's story-line with her husband....

Maybe I want too much from a movie...from a story.  I don't like loose ends. I like explanations - reasonable explanations.

But the music? Very good.  In fact, I am planning on seeing which songs are for sale at itunes....but the movie? I doubt I'll be watching it again when it hits the DVDs or TV stations.