Friday, January 20, 2012

Keeping a List...

The other day I was talking to a neighbor about books and how he now loves his e-reader (I can't remember which one he  has).  He said that when he can't sleep at night, he reads. Many times he's either finishes a book or doesn't like the one he is reading and wishes he could just pick up another - and now that he has his e-reader, he can - any book at all!
I totally understand that. But I told him the main reason I don't have an e-reader and the won't in the near future is that the ability to download any book I want at any time would be detrimental to our budget.

Yeah. I read that much.

So, I decided to keep track of how many books I really do read.  I know I list them here on the blog on a page, but I didn't put dates with the books to see exactly how many I read in a month. But this year or at least this month, I am.

So far I have completed five books and in the middle of two. (One book I'm only reading one chapter a week as it's the book my Bible study group is going through, so I want to stay on track and not get ahead.)

That's a total of seven this far - only the 19th day of January. Even if I'm able to get a good sale most books are at least $10-15 dollars. I get mine at the library for free. As in FREE. As in no money needed.

Take the Tim Tebow book (which was wonderful - highly recommend it to all - kids and adults! William loved it!) - the book is $12.99 for download.  I paid $0.

In my book that's $12.99 that stays in my pocket for other more important stuff.

Like food to feed three kids....two teens that are now getting in that "I always am hungry phase."

So. I'm keeping track of the books I read and see how much money I am saving.  I'm sure one day I'll buy an e-reader.....just not any time soon. For now it's the library.

It's free and just around the corner.

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