Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Laws

In just about every state some new law starts today.  In Utah you can no longer have daily drink specials - which basically means no more happy hour....which makes me wonder two things... Does it really effect many people in Utah since most people there are Mormons who don't drink alcohol? And secondly, I wonder it this will effect Sonic and their daily half-price drink specials??? Will half-price strawberry slushies be banned??? (Are there any Sonics in Utah??? If not, you Utah-ians are missing out!)

Also, in California and Oregon you can no longer sell shark fins.  No real loss there....and  yes,  I have actually eaten shark fin soup (it was in Hong Kong about about 15 years ago - judge me not).

So, in keeping with this tradition, we are enacting new laws in our household. Drew is EXTREMELY tried of turning off lights...lights in a room where no soul is in. So. For every light left on that he or I have to turn off or tell a child to turn it off, we will be charging fifty cents to the offending party.

Had this law been enforced yesterday, we would already be $1.50 richer.

I see a new source of Starbucks money for me.


PollyS said...

Thank goodness we use florescent bulbs. Otherwise our electric bill would be double! We have a similar law in our house, but instead of 50 cents, said male offender looses his DS for one day, said female offender looses tv privileges for one day. Since November 1, we've only had 2 infractions, instead of daily.

Yo Momma said...

Too bad Big Daddy didn't think of that when you were still living at home!!!

Suzy Oakley said...

Kelley, I love it. A better tool than simply telling them over and over to do it.

Tricia said...

I LOVE this idea. I feel like the only thing I say to my kids some days is "Why is that light on?". Definitely going to have to call a special session of the Cobb Congress to discuss enacting this law!