Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 was very nice. More than nice.  For our second Christmas in the Deep South, we were able to once again spend it with family at our house - this time with my family (last year Drew's parents and one sister were with us). My brother and his family along with my parents arrived Friday.  We had a delicious dinner cooked by Drew then opened presents.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing my kids playing and hanging out with their cousins! Such fun!

Drew and I got a portable heater from my parents - which we will use quite often since high school soccer season is during the winter. Even if we are in the Deep South, it's cold at night.

Saturday morning we enjoyed a large breakfast before my brother and his family left for their house. Saturday night we enjoyed the Christmas Eve service at our church then rode around looking at Christmas lights.   Of course, as we were looking at the lights the kids were trying to get us to drive faster so we could get home - yes, they were ready to open presents again!

Of course, we did finally get home and yes, open presents again.  And yes, the kids were happy.

Sunday the kids got full stockings and a few more presents. My mom and I were up first - we were getting our coffee when I got a text from Melissa - "can I go to the bathroom?? I'm about to burst!! SAVE ME!!"

We just laughed! After she returned to her room, she started texting again - "when can I come and see my stockings???" Then she started to text her brother to wake him up! 

After church we had a wonderful dinner with my parents as well as two airmen from Drew's office that have no family in town.  My aunt joined us late in the afternoon.  Later in the evening we did presents with my aunt - if you are counting, that's number four time for presents! 

I think the kids enjoyed all the present time instead of just opening everything at once!

This morning we just hung out for awhile before my parents and aunt left.  Not long after they left, one of Drew's sisters, her husband, their daughter with her husband and baby arrived for lunch.

We love time playing with the baby!!  They only stayed an hour or so as they were driving back to their houses, but anytime we get to see the baby, we'll take it. Oh, and yes. Anytime to see ANY family, we'll take it!

Now, I'm snuggled up in bed with one son and Drew watching the Saints take on the Falcons.

Love that I have at least one football team that knows how to play and WIN!!

Great times....wonderful times!

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