Friday, December 2, 2011

Funny Kids

Back in October we went to Natchez for Great Mississippi Hot Air Balloon Race. Melissa had such a great time last year when she went with one of Drew's sisters, we thought we would all go this year.  And it was a great time - although, it would have been better if Drew didn't get sick and spend most of the weekend in the bed. On that Saturday afternoon I had the kids on the Louisiana side of the river watching the balloons. Afterwards we were to meet up with my in-laws for dinner, but due to the boys playing actually IN the river, we were not presentable for public viewing.
And they  - the boys - smelled. 

Not good for dinner.

So, I told the kids we would just do drive-thru.  As we were talking about exactly which one, Melissa pulled a flyer off the car windshield.  "Oh, mom! We could go here - it says it's a drive-thru."

I took it from her and knew it really wasn't what we wanted. I asked her. "Really? Here?"


"Hmm - really?  It says it has beer, wine, liquors, snacks and ice. - Is there something there you want?"

"Hmmm well......"

"How about shots, mixed drinks, icee, or cigarettes?"

"No, I don't think I want to go there."

Good choice, Melissa.  Good choice.  Only in Louisiana is there another definition for drive-thru's.

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