Friday, December 23, 2011

We Have a WINNER!!

Yes, we have a winner - ME!!!! SO EXCITED!!

A few months ago I won a book from a blog contest - this week I won again!  Last time was from Pantry of Praise a book about setting up a food pantry for those in need of food. I was able to pass along the book (after reading it, of course!) to the director of the soup kitchen we volunteer at.  This week I won a book from Annie Blogs.

The great thing about this contest is that I won two copies of Annie's book - From Head to Foot.  Part of the contest was to list whom you would give the second book to. I said I would be giving the second book to my friend, Tricia, because she teaches tenth grade girls Sunday School class at my church.  Tricia is excited as well!

I have been reading Annie's blog for several years now - read through the post of her writing this book -  I'm looking forward to reading it!

What was also a great surprise is she added a nice hair bow (which Melissa has already made off with) and a Christmas CD of one of her friends - what a nice way to start this weekend!

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