Sunday, December 4, 2011

Making Memories!

Today around 3:30 Drew decided it would be the perfect time to get our Christmas tree. Ignore the lateness of the day. Ignore the rain. Ignore that the phone number to the Christmas tree farm now belongs to someone else.  But a perfect time for an adventure and to make memories.

So, we did.

Despite grumpy and complaining kids....

Off we went in the rain - thankfully, it was just sprinkling....not a hard rain at all.  We when got to the tree farm we could see two sets of trees. One set was just pine trees - over-grown ugly pines trees. The other side had some beautiful trees - some what overgrown as well. We drove up the rest of the driveway to the house to see how much the trees were...and a got a surprise.

It was no longer a Christmas tree farm....which would explain all the overgrown well as the wrong phone number.

But the house owner was very nice - generous even. She said that while we couldn't have any of the trees from the left side (due to an agreement with the prior owner who DID run a Christmas tree farm that these trees would always be available for her children and grandchildren) we could have any tree we wanted from the right side.

Yeah...the ugly side...but we got out of the van and went to have a look. Oh, the adventure.  It was continued to rain so there was plenty of water and mud to dodge as well as horse poo.

Lots and lots of poo.

I have never seen so much poo before!

But we found a tree - or at least at top of a tree. And to top it all off as we were getting it tied to the top of the van the rain went from sprinkles to a heavy downpour.

Ah, yes, the memories we make when we get out of the house on a raining day!

(Melissa trying to stay dry.)
Saw, saw saw it down!

Draggin' it to the van...trying to miss the horse much poo!

Up on the van.

Strapping the tree the rain comes down!

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