Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who Exactly is Actually IN Our Family

When William was in kindergarden my Aunt Trish and her friend, Angela, came for a visit.  One of the things they did that week was to bring some books to William's class. When William's teacher asked him to introduced the guest to the class, he said, "This is my Aunt Trish and sister."

Aunt Trish, Angela, and I laughed and laughed over this!  But it made sense.  We never really explained who Angela was - just that Angela was her name. Angela is just one of those good family friends that we take for granted that everyone knows - and knows the connection we have with them.  (The connection being that Aunt Trish and Angela' mom worked together for many years.) 

With that in mind fast-forward to this Thanksgiving....

Last Tuesday the kids asked who all would be at Thanksgiving dinner.  I listed the family members including Aunt Trish.  One of the kids asked if Angela would be joining us as well. I said, "No, I think Angela will be spending Thanksgiving with her family."

Then Benjamin spoke up, "Angela has a family?  I thought she didn't have one and just latched on to our's."

Oh, how we have laughed and laughed over this! Maybe it's not funny to you, but to us it's hysterical!

Then during Thanksgiving afternoon my niece, Ramsey, was talking to one of her cousins from her mom's side of the family.  This cousin asked how exactly does Kelley fit into the family? (Afterall, it's a honest question - you have to remember we have lived far away for many years.)  Ramsey explained that I was her father's sister.  Then the cousin  asked, "Well, then - who is Angela? I thought that was his sister!"

Once again - we find this all hysterical!

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