Saturday, December 10, 2011

Yes, More Books

Today seems like a good day to add some more to my book, here goes!

I know I have posted about 5 Conversations You Must Have with  Your Son & 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter By Vickie Courtney. Both  are good - both gave Drew and I several things to think about. We have a long standing deal with our kids: no tattoos, we'll help pay for college. Tattoos, and you are on your own. (This great idea was from our brother-in-law, Randy - Thanks, Randy!!)  (I also, enforce how painful and how many needles are involved with tattoos - Melissa is a total need-a-phob!! Even at 13 we had to have her held down just to get the flu shot!) This author goes even further by making the suggestion to have a written contract by your college student. In the contract you would list exactly what grades you would expect along with church attendance and involvement in other wholesome activities.  If the student fails a class, they would then have to pay the parents back the money for the failed class.


Not sure if Drew and I will go so far as write a contract, but it did get us (ok, more me!) thinking about how do I want their college life to look like. Written contract or not, I do think we will sit down with the kids and talk about what our expectations are.

Another contract this author had with her children - verbal this time - is that if they ever decide to live with someone before marriage (shaking up here, not just a roommate), then don't be expecting the parents to pay for a big wedding. And if you (or the girlfriend) is pregnant before the wedding, don't except a large wedding.

That, also, got a wow from us.  Wow in in something to think about. This author is very clear and strong in her beliefs. I admire that. While I agree with her Biblical stands, I'm not sure if all these contracts is the way Drew and I want to go.   I guess we want to leave room for grace.

I have, also, finished Resolution for Women by Prisilla Shier.  There is one more week in which I will discuss the last few chapters with my Bible study ladies. I have really enjoyed this book.  This is the book for women based on the resolutions from the Couragous movie.  This book has a lot of good stuff in it! 

One fiction book I read a few weeks ago was the Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. It's about a little  German girl during WWII. What makes this book unique is that it's told from the view point of Death.   Even though there was some depressing parts - after all, its during WWII!!, it was an enjoyable book.

I am now reading Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman - wow. So stinking good! It talks about the different between fans of Christ and true followers of Christ.  I'm only half-way through with it at this moment, but am very impressed.

That's all for now. My current goal is to read the book on my shelf and stay away from the library. Not sure what I'll read next....I have a Billy Graham book on the shelf that has been sitting there for awhile....I think it's time to read it and pass it on!

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