Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Update

The last post about books I spoke of the Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman -  very good. Encouraging and challenging, as well.  Then I did read a book off my shelf by Billy Graham, The Journey.  I thought it was more of his story, but instead it went over the fundamentals and foundations of the Christian faith. I did skim through parts of it - the topics I was very familiar with, but it was a reminder of what we as Christians believe and why.

Then, I read another book that has been on my shelf for...well...years, I think, Rumors of Another World by Philip Yancy.  I have read several of his other books and this did not disappoint.  Although, I will say I thought it was a book about the fundamentals and foundations of the Christian faith (which is why I put off reading it), but surprisingly it wasn't quite written in that way. It was starting to look at things of this world - nature, people, relationship - as a pointer that there is another world for us - heaven.  Mr. Yancy also explain church history - all of it was very interesting to me.

Now I am reading a book from the library - Coming Back Stronger by Drew Brees - the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.  I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm captivated. I love to hear and read people's personal stories  - this is going to live up to all the good recommendations I had heard about.

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