Sunday, September 23, 2012


A few weeks ago a friend told us about their attempts at "geocaching". I had heard about this several years ago, but have never tried or even looked into it. But this conversation got Melissa interested enough to look through the web site and even download an app on my iphone.

Geocaching is modern day hide and seek with an object.  A person hides an item then puts  the instructions (GPS numbers) on how to find it at a geocaching web site. Usually, there's a log book that you can sign. Some even have small trinkets that you can trade for.

Melissa and I went today since we really didn't have anything else going on (other than watching the Saints lose...again). There's a nice park not too far away from us that had many. We looked for six, but only found two. The first one was in a magnetic key holders underneath a guardrail.  The other one that we found was in a Thermos like container at the bottom of a telephone pole.

We  looked for four more, but are convinced that at least three of them have been moved.  The last one we need to hunt for again. It was at the bottom of a large tree that had lots of bush and vines at the base. I wasn't sure if the vines were poison oak or ivy, so we didn't get too close. We'll go back with a stick or something that we can poke inside the bushes. I was, also, thinking that it was a great place for a snake.

Something I, also, want to avoid.  Desperately!

And it was getting hot.

So. We'll try to find it another day.

Fun times! (Well...except for the police officer....I was pulled over on the side of the road while Melissa went through the cache - he just asked politely for me to get totally off the glad there was not traffic or a ticket involved...)

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