Monday, September 3, 2012

The Long Weekend

We all enjoyed our long weekend. We went to Oxford, MS to watch the Ole Miss football game. We went two years ago, but this trip was much better in that the game was a night - so it was sooo much cooler and we won.

Winning always makes the trip better.

After the game was over, we stayed in the stadium a little while listening to the band. When they were through, they played a song from the radio over the loud-system and I discovered a marvelous thing:  Embarrassing my teenagers.

What a joy!!

I started to dance to the song since we all were in a good mood due to the win and the song had such a bouncy beat - how could you NOT dance?? 

William looked at me - "Stop dancing!! Please, stop! People are starting to stare!!"

Which, of course, just made me want to dance more.  Yes, I have an evil bone or two.

He and Melissa quickly ran up the seats to get away from me....of course, then that made me yell at them  - "Come dance with me!!!"


"Oh, how I love to embarrass my teens!!!" I yelled!  One lady looked at me and laughed, then said, "I can't wait until I can do that!"

"Yep - they're such easy marks!"

And the ironic thing: I never set out to embarrass them. But oh, the joy!

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Kim Funk said...

So funny. Catharine always tells me no dancing or singing in public. This includes the car. I do it just to embarrass her.