Friday, September 21, 2012

Just a Game

One of the things in this life I enjoy is watching reality TV. Not the trashy ones. The game ones. Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, Top Chef, Project Runway.

One issue that has come up time and time again is how people see the show. Many just see it as a game....lie,'s all just a game. Then there are those that see if a reflection of how a person is in "real" life - or at least life without a camera around. I find that view a little extreme.

I mean we don't think after seeing a quarterback do a "sneak" play, that he's a sneak. We don't think of a runner in baseball as a thief after he has stolen second base.  We don't think bad of a person if they can bluff really well in poker or other card games. So, why do people forgot that these shows are a game....entertainment?

But, of course, within these games are real people with real feelings. Even within the games, people forget that it's all about winning - and for many players winning at all cost and they leave any morals they have at the door to pick them up afterwards.

To be honest, I 'm not sure how I would do in any of these games. While I  have a deep love for Survivor, there's is no way I would ever even try to be on the show. I like a comfy bed and food way too much. But besides that part of the game, I think I would have trouble leaving morals and emotions behind.

(And my family. I like being around them, too much to leave for a long time!)

But  I do enjoy these shows! The kids got into Big Brother with me this summer -much to Drew's dismay! He hates the show - and leaves the room when it's on.  But that ended this week, so it's on to Survivor and Amazing Race....I may even give that dancing show a try....I do like Apollo Antono and Shawn Johnson....

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