Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Loving - Make that The Evil Big Brother

One of the big changes this school year is for Benjamin to get him on his own instead of wanting for me to wake him  up. He did have an alarm clock, but it's too hard to work and beeps with the power goes off (which has turned out to be more often here than in Guam!! VERY CRAZY!!) So, the other day I had bought a new alarm clock. I was pleasantly surprised when William took it upon himself to set it with the correct time and the alarm for him.  I even praised him for it.

Such a sweet big brother!

Then the alarm went off the next morning...EXTREMELY LOUD!!! I mean, it could have waken the neighbors it was so loud!!

I looked at William who was already up and eating breakfast, "Did you set the alarm for loud??""

He just smiled and giggle an evil laugh.

"Here I thought you were being a loving brother, but no. You took advantage of  getting a dig in didn't you???!!!"

He just continued with his evil giggle.

Oh, the love we have for each other in this house.

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