Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy Day

Today started out with Melissa throwing up as I was walking out the door to work.  Thankfully, I just had to go and wake up Drew and let him deal with it.  She went back to bed, slept for a few hours then woke up feeling fine. After she ate some toast and still felt fine, Drew took her to school. She had a few tests that she didn't want to miss. I was shocked to come home to no-Melissa because even though I talked to the ladies in the front office as I was leaving at noon neither mentioned to me that she was in school.

The teacher I was subbing for teaches four classes at our school then one long class at a high school thirty minutes away. Thankfully, that school found someone there to cover the class so I did not have to do that drive. Overall, his classes were good. Although, I did have to tell one girl to quit smelling the markers! You would think by 7th grade they would know NOT to, but apparently she did not.

Another reason Melissa wanted to get back into life today is that today is a babysitting day for her.  She did not want to hand over a day to William - and let him get the money!  She did bring the twins down to our house to meet all of us - especially William: the back-up. As she and the little girl were walking out of their garage, they got stung by a wasp. Yikes! Nasty bites! But both seem to take it like a pro. I didn't see any tears.

Drew is working on dinner, laundry is going, a headache is slowly making its way away from my head,  Ben has soccer (unless it continues to rain), and William has youth Bible study. Mondays evenings have been busy!

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