Friday, August 17, 2012

ALL THREE???!!???

Thursday I sent the day in Jackson with my parents.  My father wanted to see his aunt that is in a nursing home, an uncle, as well as a few other stops. The day went really well.  While I doubt that his aunt knew who we were - well, who anyone is, it was a nice visit. (Even if the nursing home was depressing - not horrible....just sad, I guess.)

At one point during the morning the thought danced through my mind wondering if any of my children had a key to the house as they would be coming home to an empty house, but I  just set it aside.  After all I was sure that at least one of the three would have a key. I know I had a discussion with Benjamin before school started a few weeks ago that his key belonged in his backpack.

At thee o'clock I get a frantic phone call form Melissa that none of them had a key to the house. I think she was expecting a little more understanding from me.....instead of the yelling she got in her ear (REALLY!!!?? ALL THREE OF YOU????)

Thankfully, we are close to several neighbors. But seriously?? 

But I think they have learned their lesson. Or at least one of them.

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