Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Bad Omen

At one point Monday as the nurses were getting Mom ready for her surgery, something skidded across the floor and caught my eye.

A dead bug.


A hospital pre-op room is not really where you want to see a small black bug with his feet up in the air. (Of course, its better than a black bug walking on his feet.) I'm not sure why I was surprised to see a bug there on the second floor, but I was. I probably shouldn't have been - sadly -bugs are everywhere. As it turned out,  more was to come.

That was Monday morning. Then there was Tuesday night. In the original plan I was only going to stay one night, but I felt that I needed to stay another night. I just didn't feel right leaving her alone there.  I got my bed all settled then walked around Mom's bed and then I stopped.

There at the foot of her bed was one of the biggest roaches I have ever seen - just waving his antennas at me. I stopped cold! Mom looked at me and said, "Its not a mouse it is??!!"

I shook my head and showed with my fingers three inches - "A roach??"

Oh, yeah.

She immediately hit the nurses' button,"We have a huge roach in here!"

"Okay...we'll send someone soon," the nurse responded with a giggle.

I just stood there watching the Thing. After a minute he started toward me, I might have given a small scream.  Mom told me to just step on it. But no way was I going to step on that huge thing with my flip-flops and mom's shoes were way too close to him for my comfort.

Then my hero stepped in - an orderly named Danny.  He looked at the roach and tried to step on it, but it ran way. Danny then grabbed a pair of rubber gloves from the box on the wall. As he was putting the gloves on, our new friend started to move closer to me and my bed, so I did the only thing possible.

I jumped over Danny and made a bee-line for the door just as Nurse Megan walked in.  Of course, she's laughing at me.

As were the other nurses and aides at the nurses' desk.


Danny killed the huge intruder.

He's my new hero. 

Even if he was laughing at me....that's okay. The roach is dead. That's all that matters!

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