Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A New Way

There's a joke in my family - this time family being my parents, my brother, and I - that probably came from a bumper-sticker: "Be nice to your children: They pick out your nursing home!" We joke about that every now and then, but now I have something else to kid my mother about.

This week I have spent with her as she has had her knee replaced. She had her left one done about five years ago, and has waited for about a year to have the right knee done. Last summer when I was home from Guam visiting, she spoke about needing it done. I told her if she could wait until this summer when Drew and I would be moving that I would have time to stay with her and help her and dad. 

This is the week. I left the kids with my in-laws, Drew went to check in at the new Air Force base, and I'm here.

Monday bright and early we arrived at the hospital to check in.  There was a group of about six to eight patients for the first round of surgeries.  We had to meet in a waiting area, then they walked us back to the pre-op rooms where the patients would get of out their clothes and into the lovely gowns they provide, start the IVS - all that fun stuff.

As we were walking back to the pre-op room, I noticed something odd about the couple in front of us. As I was looking at them and formulating my thoughts, the nurse said what I was thinking: "Well! You're dressed alike! Is that so you won't lose each other and know who you belong with?!"

Yes, the couple in front of us were dressed alike. They were an older couple - in their late 60's or early 70's. Both had on this brown nasty  interesting  plaid shirt and brown pants. He had his button up, tucked in with a nice belt. She has hers opened with a tee-shirt underneath. Totally the same shirt. Not the same color. The identical shirts.

Now, dressing a lot does have its time and place. Going into surgery I would think is NOT one of them. It made me they always dress alike? How did it get started? Why did it get started? Whose idea was it? What did the other one have to say about it? I don't have to ask what the kids think about it - I'm sure they think it's a little odd as well. Dressing alike is great for kids, but grandparents???

I think not.

But what a great way to tease my mother! Just think, Mom! You and dad can have matching outfits in that old-folks home!


Polly said...

Not only do your kids choose your nursing home, but they also in some cases :( , YIKES, the ones that that your Depends. So be nice to 'em now!
My mother and her husband do the matching shirt thing. So very strange to me! I wonder what he thinks about it.

Carie said...

Aw, I think that's cute--to have matching shirts. Of course, my parents match frequently: in burnt orange and white with Beevo. :)