Sunday, June 20, 2010

Open Letter to My Dear Friend Dawn

Dear Dawn,

Remember how I had Plan A about my hair?? I didn't like any of the hair-dressers in Guam, so I was gonna just let it grow and when we moved to DC this summer you were going to do one of your miracles on my hair? But now we're not moving to Guam?  So..I had to come up with Plan B.

My first replacement plan was just to ignore my hair and continue to let it grow and figure it out later. Yeah....that didn't work so well. Drew kept making comments about "needing a change"...."something different". And this from the man who NEVER makes a negative comments about my hair.

So, my next plan was to get another friend who is a hair-dresser to cut it. I had met Colleen through my sister-in-law last summer and we've kept up - love that facebook. While I was at the lake last week, I called her and made an appointment for her to cut my hair- which she did.

Of course, I looked out great afterwards.  She cut it just below my chin - at a slight angle. It's a cute cut. She did a good job over-all.  And like you she blow-dried it straight.  And like you she assured me that could make it straight, also.

Either she lies or I'm missing some kind of hair-styling gene.

No matter what I do, I can't make it straight!  Maybe it's because I'm from the Deep South and was raised in the 80's - I like big hair.

So. I guess it's back to Plan A: You need do a miracle on me and show me how to fix it right!  When can you come for a visit??? We'll have furniture by mid-July!!

love you hair-challenged friend,


Kat said...

One of the things about the military I don't like. Always trying to find a good hairdresser. And now you say you never found a hairdresser that you liked on Guam. What's a girl to do?! Any recommendations at all? Hopefully, Dawn will be able to visit and get your hair into shape.

Enjoy your week.

Anonymous said...

I love this letter. I am so sorry that you are having a hard time with your hair. I am coming for a visit sometime in the next few months I will tell you that. I miss you!! When we finally stop playing telephone tag, we can chat about it!
Love ya!!!

Carie said...

I have some great products that have helped me straighten my wildly curly hair. If you want the names, I can share those. :) Couldn't live without my flat iron either!