Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stateside Weekend

What a nice first Stateside weekend....we rested, we played, we stress or pressure. (unless you count bickering kids....but I'm trying to ignore them...)

We did do a few chores around the house for my parents. She 'hired' the kids to do some yard work  - they really worked well together the first day. The second day...well....we'll blame it on the sun. The first day they were in a shady area of the yard, but not so much the next day. But they survived!

We did a tour through the local zoo. Saw a hippo named Penelope...lots of snakes.....I declined to tour the bug house.... But enjoyed seeing the free-walking peacocks!

Today we went to church with my parents. Now this is the church that I grew up in and was even baptized in - not that you can tell - it's so much bigger! In number of people and size of all the new buildings.  It was three services and three Sunday schools...amazing!  We went to what they call the "classic service". It was nice, but I don't think I could handle that type of service every week. I enjoy less of an orchestra and more current music. But the preaching? Outstanding!

He spoke on a passage in Colossians...made us think about what our "end game" was in life - what is your goal? And how does that line up with scripture?

Afterwards we did our last few chores, ate a great lunch, I took a nice LONG nap (apperently, I'm not over the jet lag like I thought!) and played a game of scrabble.  Even baked a batch of cookies and was able to catch up with an old friend! Life is good.

Tomorrow we're on to play-time at the Lake with my in-laws - let the good times roll!

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