Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here We Go!

We are back in the Lower 48! Over all it was a good trip home. We were two hours late leaving Tokyo and ended up spending FOREVER in Immigration and Customs in Houston and so we were four hours late arriving in New Orleans. But we made it....all in one piece.

Well...almost all made it.  Benjamin left his beloved teddy bear, BB (that's for Benjamin's Bear...yes, not very original, but very actuate) in the hotel in NOLA.  I did call and they are to mail it to us.  We're hoping it arrives at my in-law's house today.  We'll be meeting them at the lake house on Monday, so hopefully, they will be able to give Ben his BB back.

And I think we are over the worse of the jet lag.  It's actually much worse going the other way. The last two nights Drew and I were able to sleep for most of the night. So much better than waking up at three a.m. WIDE AWAKE.

On our way from NOLA to my mother's house we were able to stop in at my in-laws' house for lunch.   While they had left overs, we stopped at the Malt Shop for our lunch.  We love the Malt Shop...I'm sure my fried catfish plate had more fat that I need in a week, but hey! You only live once, right?

Of course, the prize of the day was arriving at my parents' house before jet lag hit. Drew and I did take a nap soon after arriving!

We woke up Thursday morning to drive over to the base for Drew to check in as well as for the kids and I to see the house Drew bought for us.  Yes, he did a great job!  It' so nice. I'm really looking forward to moving in!

We're taking the kids to the zoo this afternoon. Right now Drew is shopping with my mom for a lap-top for her and the kid have been hired to do some yard work, so they are working on that....a little slower than they worked yesterday....but the promise of money at the end is motivating...more so the boys....but it's a great learning experience. And it keeps them busy!

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