Sunday, January 2, 2011

Be Relaxed

Last Wednesday Drew and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary. Late in the afternoon Drew treated me to a massage at a local salon. The masseuse asked me when was the last time I had a massage.

And I couldn't answer her. I couldn't remember.  I think it was some time last spring while we were in Guam...if not then, then last Thanksgiving when were were in Singapore.  The question got me to thinking of all the places I have had a massage. Eight countries. Wow. That just sounds crazy.

But every time we travel we do try to slip away for an  afternoon of relaxing....and we do enjoy a good massage.

Our first massages were probably at Hot Springs, AR where we celebrated our fifth anniversary. Then while we lived in Japan, we would visit a local Japanese spa.

Japaneses spas are very different from here in the States and is probably our favorite.  It can be a whole day experience - in fact you can say up to 23 hours. There's rooms for enjoying hot tubs, saunas, arcades, karaoke, several restaurants - even a room with tatami mats for a nap.  The hot tub areas are segregated male and female - which is a good thing since you walk around the hot tub area butt-naked.  But the rest of the facility you wear pajamas-like clothing - even during the massage - which is a good thing since all the massages are given in one large room that is not segregated.

Sounds crazy  to us Americans, but works for them.

While Japan was our favorite place for a massage, Guam was my least favorite. Drew loved it, but I hated it. Most places in Guam (that we visited anyway) use the Shiatsu method which I find way too hard and deep for me. Once I left with bruises - not kidding.(And (I could have done without the peppy elevator music)  I prefer the Swedish - relaxing - no bruising!!

Not only have I massages here in the States (CA, VA, AR, LA, MD & MA),Guam, Singapore (where I was offered and fell in love with ginger tea), and Japan, I have also had massages in Australia (where I was told to keep my "knickers" on!), South Korea (where I wondered if they were using the correct hygiene practices), Bermuda and Palau.

Crazy! I never would have thought I would have the privilege to travel so much.  I feel very blessed (and very relaxed!)

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