Thursday, January 13, 2011


For some strange reason I join thousand (if not millions) of other ladies (and maybe a few men) in watching wedding shows. While  "Say Yes to the Dress"  if probably my favorite, I will watch  "Four Weddings". 
("Four Wedding" is where four brides go to each other' weddings, and score each one in several categories. The one with the highest score wins an amazing honeymoon.  "Say Yes to the Dress" shows brides trying on tons of wedding dresses all in the search for THE ONE.)

Most of the time when I watch these shows, I'm actually doing something else - eating, working on the computer, cleaning, etc. But last week I actually paid attention during "Four Weddings".  It was very eye opening.  I have always been amazed at the prices in "Say Yes to the Dress" - I just can't believe how much some of these dresses cost - but the cost for the full weddings in "Four Weddings"???? Wow.

One was $55,000.

 That's more than the medium annual salary in the U.S.

 I think the show should tell not only how much the whole wedding cost, but how this couple will pay for this wedding.  And how many years will it take??  It's sad to think that some will be paying for the wedding longer than the marriage will last.

Also, the other issue I had with "Four Weddings" was that each wedding had a theme.  A theme. Really?  A theme?  I had a theme - to get married!

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Polly said...

I KNOW!! So much has changed since I got out of the wedding business. The thought of a wedding costing more than $5,000 is outrageous! $5K is outrageous. But I'll let someone slide for that amount if they wish.
My wedding cost $1,800. When I tell people I had a bargain wedding they don't believe it.
A's niece's wedding cost $25,000 + the venue. That was a gift from her grandpa. And that also doesn't include the rehearsal dinner at the yacht club and the day after brunch at the Fairmont in San Fran. CRAZY!!!!