Friday, January 28, 2011

Working.....Or Not

Part of mine and Drew's marriage contract (not that we actually have anything in writing, mind you) is that when the kids start school, I would work - at least part time.  And I have.  I taught pre-school for two years and substitute taught for the three years in Guam. But even before we even left Guam last year, I told Drew not to except me to work until the New Year. I knew I needed some time to get us all settled into our new life. And I have. And it's now the New Year.

So. Back to work.

In the last weeks I have turned in my paperwork to sub at the kids' schools here - even had my fingerprints done last week.  This week I picked up the "sub card" that shows my fingerprints have come back cleared (Yeah! I'm not wanted for any crimes!).  Yesterday while I was at both school (middle school for an awards ceremony and the elementary to have lunch with Ben - he had a rough morning) I told the front office that I was eligible to sub.

I really thought it was take a few weeks before they started to call me.  With it already being mid-year, I figured they already have their favorites. And so, I was surprised to get a call from the middle school asking if I could work half-day today.

Sure! Yes! I really didn't have anything exciting planned today......other then clean a few bathrooms and maybe do some baking.

I was surprised again when the phone ranged at 7:15 asking if I could come in right away. The teacher I was to sub for needed to be gone all day.

I rushed to get Ben ready and out the door (trying not to yell too much when I found  him at the computer playing solitaire with no socks or shoes on nor his teeth or hair done....well....maybe I yelled some..a lot....) then myself ready and out the door.

The teacher needed to go home to take care of his baby - who was running a fever and so not allowed at child-care.

It turned out to be a great teacher to sub for -easy classes - easy lesson plans.  I was enjoying myself - a great way to ease back into work.

Then during fourth hour I looked up to see the secretary of the school at the door with the thermometer and William not looking so good.

100.3 - just enough to earn him a ticket home.  I finished out the class hour while the front office called in another sub. For this sub.

A nasty cold, two strains of the flu, a stomach bug, and strep are going around the neighborhood and schools. Not sure which one we have at the moment. I'm personally voting for anything but strep.

That's the nastiest thing.

I really just had to laugh! I'm not at all surprised that this is how my first day to work in over seven months.  I'm leaning toward God saying I should just say being a "kept woman".

Life is easier that way.

Oh, and let's not forget that Drew is out of town. Which. Of course, he is. That's how military families work, you know. All is well and right until the military member leaves....but Drew will be back tomorrow. I have already warn him to pick up some extra vitamin C on his way home....or a gas mask.

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