Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Facebook Post

On facebook you never know what will get a lot of comments....other than if you say it's birthday or anniversary - then you can guarantee lots of well wishes. I thought I had just asked an innocent question:  "What do you think of Oprah's new network and do you have any favorite shows?"

Apparently, not such an innocent question.

Several friends had opinions...a few referred her to the anti-Christ. Two dear friends made a point that they were venting about Oprah - not judging me.  Did I feel judged?

Maybe.  After a few comments,  my thoughts were running along the lines of "Wow, I wonder what they think of me."  But that was brief.  Because while I pray that I never give anyone pause to doubt my sincerity and love for Christ or reason to stumble in their walk, I also refuse to live by other's expectations.  I've tried that. It only causes me grief - not others - just me.

So. Back to Oprah. Yes, I do watch her.  And yes, I have found some interesting new shows on her OWN network. (I'm especially looking forward to Lisa Ling's "Our America" a documentary about us - Americans because I have enjoyed Lisa Ling since her Channel One days.) I have also found some shows that I will not be watching such as "In the Bedroom". I'm sure you can guess why.

But what do I think of Oprah herself?  It's a mixed bag. In the past I have, also, jokingly referred to her as the anti-Christ.  There's no doubt the power she holds not just in America, but ,also, the world.  I am very firm in my belief that without her platform and help, Barrack Obama would have had a harder time becoming president. And yes, I agree that at times she has promoted religions and lifestyles that are inconsistent with the Biblical views I hold.

On the other hand, she is an excellent interviewer.  I enjoy that part of her show.  Many days I don't watch - not enough time in my day or her subject matter doesn't interest me.  I have watched her off and on probably the whole twenty-five years she has been on the air. When we first moved to Guam, her show was not on at all. I was admittedly upset. The last year we were in Guam one station showed it - but it was at the 5 o'clock hour - absolutely the worse time for a mom trying to get dinner on the table.

I, also, agree with some of my fellow Christians in the old adage of "junk in/junk out".  Allowing "junk" into my heart and head doesn't help me become more Christ like. Knowing the political and spiritual point of view of a celebrity makes me not want to watch them - this seems to be the same with several of my friends based on their comments on my facebook post about Oprah.

The question,then,is "what's junk?" I personally can't stand to watch most of reality TV - The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, The Real Housewives, the new show Joan and Melissa, and well....too many to list. But I love Amazing Race, Top Chef, and Survivor - but should I be watching them? Are any of them promoting Christ? One friend hates Survivor because of the way the contestants are dressed - or rather not dressed. The same could be said about Dancing with the Stars - they don't wear modest clothing, either. I love - LOVE-  the show Big Bang Theory. But I will freely admit that they don't push one Christian virtue. In fact several characters seem obsessed with sleeping with any girl they can.

What about the music I listen to? I listen to Christian music at least 90% of the time, but there are days I want to rock out with Bon Jovi or Kelly Clarkson or get my county on with Toby Keith or Lady Antebellum.

What about some of the movies that are out? Should  I only watch "wholesome movies? Only G or PG? I know of few people who had that standard in their life, then had a problem when The Passion of Christ came out b/c it was rated R.

The books I read? Are they promoting Christ or not?

While I see we all have different points of view entertainment, we should not judge each other.  In the end we will only have to answer to God Himself.  I do believe that through the Holy Spirit, He will convict us when we allow something harmful to our relationship with Him come into our lives.  But that may be different for me than for you. And that is one thing I LOVE about my Lord!

My relationship with Him is personal. With me. Different from your relationship with Him. There's no "one size fits all" here. What bothers you, may not bother me. What hinders me, may not hinder you.  He meets me where I'm at. He loves me where I'm at - whether I'm watching Oprah or Billy Graham. He. just. loves. me.


Kerry said...

Beautifully said!

johnsoncharity83 said...

This is great Kelley! Each of us will be judged by God Himself. We are not to judge one another but lift each other up and encourage one another.