Monday, January 31, 2011

Failed Test

Friday William started to run a fever - and he's still running a fever. So, I took him to the doctor today. Until this morning I really thought he had strep. The neighbor boy next door had strep late last week. But when William woke up this morning his throat was much better. But with the fever still hanging around, I still took in to see the doctor.

They went ahead and did a a test for flu and for strep.

He failed the flu test. Or tather positive for B strain.

Poor thing  - yuck! I don't think any of the kids have ever had the flu. For the last eight years we gotten the vaccine. It's somewhere around 70-90% effective.  I guess William fell in that 10-30%.

My prayer is that he gets better soon - and that the rest of us stay healthy.

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