Saturday, July 9, 2011

And the Day is....

What a wonderful way to start the morning: sleeping in 'till nine! Not something I do a lot. I'm a horrible sleeper - usually after I wake up, I'm awake for the day. But for some unknown, but wonderful reason this morning, I rolled over and actually went back to sleep.

Loved it.

After I did finally get up at nine and got dressed, I wondered into the kitchen to get something to eat. And there on the computer was my beautiful twelve (going on twenty-five) daughter.  All dressed for the day. That, also, was usual. The usual is for her to not get dressed for awhile on Saturday. But there she was - showered and dressed for the day - even had her purse over her shoulder like she was ready to go somewhere.

"Well, don't you look all cute this morning!" I greeted her.

She turned and looked at me in my tee-shirt and shorts, "Aren't we going to church today?"

" But I plan to tomorrow. Today is Saturday."

"OH!OH!!!!!", she yells as she puts her head in her hands, "I thought it was Sunday!!"

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