Monday, July 11, 2011

Yes, More Books (& eBay) again

We (okay, let's leave the kids out of this one this time)  ME! listed four more items on eBay.  One I really didn't think would sell at all - It did.  One book I thought would have LOTS of bids. It did not.  Just one. But that was enough to have it sell.  Another item got a decent amount. And the fourth I really thought would have several bids as well, had none.  All in all, three more items sold and out of my house (Well, as soon as they pay and I can get to the post office.)

I finished the Hotel on Corner of Bitter and Sweet.  Very good book! Really enjoyed it. And yes, I would say it's a favorite of mine now. It was very nicely done.  I love how Jamie Ford explained the culture of Chinese Americans (along with Japanese Americans) during the 1940's - it was really a time when a new type of Americans were being born and created.  The parents wanted their children to be Americans....but without losing their Chinese ways. It's a hard balance to maintain.  But more and more immigrants are walking that balance every day.

After I finished Hotel I picked up Escape by Barbara  Delinsky - one of my all-time favorite authors.  Escape is about a women who walks out on her life - just needs to escape all the pressure and stress - so, she does.  Once again, Ms. Delinsky creates characters that they seem so real you want to go find them and have a visit with over coffee.  One theme she has woven through-out all the books I have read, is marriage is honorable. Worthy to be fought for.   I love that.

I got a surprise today - I WON a book! I'm so stinkin 'excited!! It's been AGES since I've won anything. It's the first time I've won anything on the Internet, I think.  The book is How Shall We Feed Them.  It's how to start and maintain a food pantry.  This goes right in-line with the work the kids and I do at the soup kitchen.   I'm looking forward to reading the book as well as passing it along to the soup kitchen so they will be able to gleam ideas.

I have two other books from the library sitting on my table....not sure when I'll pick-up the next one....laundry and several other chores are calling my name.....

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