Thursday, July 21, 2011

My American Idol Concert Re-Cap

 Last night Drew and I went to the American Idol Concert in Dallas - amazing!! They really did put on a great show.
For the most part everyone preformed the songs you excepted them to.  Each did about two solos (some with the others singing as back-ups) in addition to several group songs.  I felt that all had improved in their 'stage presence'. Even Lauren Alaina - but I still don't think she's very comfortable on stage. And I'm not sure who is her stylist, but she needs to get a new one!  She wore basically a tutu with cowboy boots....just  about the most unflattering outfit ever...even Drew thought it was bad.

But the most amazing performers were Pia Toscano and Stefano Langone. Totally amazing! If either one had preformed like that on the show, they would have gone so much further. The songs they did were perfect for their voices. I'm a fan now! You can listen to Pia's here. (not the best as it's from a fan at one of the concerts)

Outside of the singers, we also enjoyed watching one couple a few rows ahead of us. Both were in their sixty and both  were...well...shall we say, "plump"?  At one part of the show, the rocker James walked between this couple and us. She even got to shake his hand. And that's when she put on her own show.

It was like she was having a religious experience. Or a sexual one.  It was quite funny. All through James' rock songs, she was waving her hands in the air - widely clapping. So much so, I thought she was going to take out her husband!  I wondered what he was thinking seeing his wife act so wild over another man.

Even if it was one that she was old enough to be his GRANDMOTHER!!

Then Haley came out and HE had his own religious experience.

But they were cute two-steppin' to Scotty's songs.

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Jocelyn Rhodes said...

kelley, im so happy you got to go see them :) it sounds like you had a really good time.

i just got tickets to see casting crowns, theyre coming to salt lake city oct 6th, im sooo excited! wish we lived closer so we could all go together :)

miss ya bunches!