Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Study Group

As I said in an earlier post, being apart of some type of ladies Bible study group has been apart of my life since college (and I was actually in one during one part of my college years as well, now that I think about it).  But I have struggled with finding a group here in north Louisiana. Still now sure what all my options will be during the fall, but I have joined an on-line group.

Back in the spring a friend from Guam (but now is DC) started a Facebook Bible study group that is made up of mostly from ladies from Guam.  The first book that was chosen did not work out very well. It seemed that a lot of the ladies had a hard time getting into the book or even understanding some of it.  

I have to admit that I didn't even buy the book.   I had just finished a book similar to it on my own and I was trying to finish up two other Bible studies. My plan was just to read people's comments, but not really participate. 

Since that study fell apart, the group has just sort of floundered.  A few times a member would post something  - a prayer request or a verse, but with some many people busy for the summer nothing got off the ground.

Last week I finished up the book I was reading (Lies Women Believe) and decided to study the Book of Mark next. Then I thought that maybe others would like to join in. So, I'm posting my thoughts, comments, questions about the Book of Mark on this facebook group's page.  Today I thought I would share them here as well. I'm created another page at the top and have posted my thoughts on chapter one there.

Not sure how fast I'll go through the book.... I did chapter one yesterday and today did some follow-up studying on the verses that are quoted from the Old Testament (but did not post those on the FB page nor here). More than likely  I'll go through the book  in a few weeks - it only has fourteen chapters. So much smaller than something like Isaiah with sixty-six chapters!

Anyway, check in every few days to see what I have to say there. Or not.  Add your own comments. Or not.

Life is good either way.

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