Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beauty Pageant

Last year Melissa went to her school's beauty pageant with a friend. Since then she has talked about participating in this year's pageant. So, she did.

My baby girl is just about all grown up. 

In yesterday's post I talked about a quote from a book, "The Lost Wife", about women who sparkle from within and without.  On the way to the pageant, I told Melissa that as much as she was sparkling from the outside with all the fancy dress, make-up, and hair, she really sparkles because she always sparkles from the inside.

She has such a thirst for life. One of my dearest memories of her as a toddler was one Wednesday night as we were going into church.  There she was - just a tiny little thing, but could run and walk and talk at nine and half months.  That night she was running in the church's parking lot toward the door -  just running and laughing - just she was afraid of nothing...just enjoying life.

This girl? When she puts her mind to something, she does it.  While she did not place at the beauty pageant, she did an amazing job. I know at 13, I could not have stood on a stage and let everyone look at me and just stand there and smile.  She is amazing, that girl of mine.

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