Monday, February 13, 2012

Music and Singers

Last night we watched some of the Grammies. I must admit - I didn't know most of the people and groups that were nominated or preformed.  For the most part I find secular music and raido stations vulgular and annoying, so I listen to mostly Christian music. I know when I have Klove on, my kids won't be repeating anything shocking or asking me to explain a ruanchy joke.

But as the kids are getting older and into the teen years and have radios in their rooms, they listen to more secualar music. For a while now Melissa has been talking about how she like Adele.

Yeah....I had no clue who this person or group was. At times, when we would hear a song by her somewhere, Melissa would point it out to me. I had to admit, what little I heard, I like. The songs were very blues...with a great swing to them.

But last night during the Grammies was the first time I put the face with the voice. I was impressed. This morning I did a quick internet search and listened some of her songs, an interview of her, as well as read through some of her lyrics.  While the interview had a few choice words I would not want to repeat or hear my kids say, I did not find anything objectionable in her lyrics.  They reminded me of some of Taylor Swift's songs - songs they wrote about the things going on in thier life.

Two quotes from yesterday have stayed with me today. One was from the head singer of Mercy Me (Christian group). He said on Twitter, "Music is in good hands with Adele."  I agree. She has such a clear and unique deep voice that she'll be singing for the public for a long time to come.

The other quote was actually about Whitney Houston, whom died this weekend. Not sure who said it, but the quote was something along the lines of: Whitney didn't need all those back-up dancers or a light show - she would just come out on stage with a micorphone and sing her heart out. 

Wow. So, true. Adele just came out and sang last night. She, too, didn't need dancers prancing around like some groups last night did  or like we saw in the Super Bowl half-time show.  She's good enough to entertain us with just her voice.

Another part of Adele that I was impressed with was her dress. It was modest. It was lady-like. It was stylist. It was time-less.  What  a difference between her and some of these other singers that seem so insecrue that they flaunt all that they have and try to distract us with a "show" instead of just singing from their heart.

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