Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That To-Do List

A while ago I posted about my to-do list that I will be working on instead of New Year's Resolutions. I'm happy, thrilled, and excited to say it's done. DONE!  All 18 of the original things on that list (along with many other normal day-to-day things that a family of five needs to have done) have been completed and marked off. YEAH!! 

The last two things were items on my list since...well...one since BEFORE I left Guam!  At least I think it's been that long since I've pieced together that blue quilt. But yesterday I refused to "eat the bread of idleness" and just work on the thing. And  I got it all done!! YEAH!!  Ben has said it's his, but I don't think he realizes how small it is. It's more of an over-size baby quilt. But it's done...even if  my sewing machine acted like a very small child when they are oh, so very tired: uncooperative! Part of it was operator error  (blame it on being in a hurry and being blond), but after that was corrected I think my machine is just ornery when it comes to quilts. (Maybe I should talk to Drew about an upgrade....say to a quilting machine instead of just a sewing machine...hmmmm...something to think about it...)

The other project that has been on THE LIST since summer was to update the kids' school photo albums. But that's done as well as of last week.  These albums were intended to chronicle school up to 8th grade.  With William in 9th that means his is done - as in DONE...as in not too much longer and he'll be gone.But as I said in another post, that's how life is suppose to be.

Back to my to-do list....time, now, to sit and think about what projects need to be done...or what project I would like to do.....

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