Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ice Coffee

I have scummed to the next social media: Pinterest. It's a place to post pictures of things you like - and you can see what your friends have posted as well.  All sorts of things are available to view - books, music, movies, clothes, recipes, pictures of wonderful locations, sayings & quotes...anything really! Basically, it's another thing to in the words of my friend, Suzi, "to suck up your time".  Sad, but true.

BUT!!! I have found a few things that I not only "pinned" to my boards, but actually completed in real like.

The first thing is ice coffee - which I love - but as the original author of the recipe said, hate to pay $4.00 for a small glass at that fancy coffee place.  So, through a blog someone "pinned" the recipe on their board, I saw it and tried it out myself. Totally sold!!  The recipe is actually easy. Just soak coffee in water for twelve or more hours then drain off the coffee grounds. Now, I have to admit this draining off the coffee grounds took WAAAAYYY TOOO LONG! I will be working on a better system for that, but the end product was one that I am very happy with. Since I don't want to infrige on any copyrights, here's a link to the original blog with the recipe.

There have been a few other recipes that have caught my interest - which I will pass along as I try them out.

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