Friday, February 17, 2012

Subbing This Week

Sunday night the vice-principal in charge of the subs called to ask if I could work Monday, but I said no because I had an appointment at the base - which got canceled Monday morning at the very last minute.

Tuesday morning I was asked to work, but I said no because I had an appointment at the elementary school. Benjamin was having his Valentine's Day party and I wanted to attend - and promised him I would.  After all, this would be the last Valentine's Day party at school for any of my kids as Ben is in the 5th grade and there will be no more after this.

Wednesday I had nothing planned - and I did not get called.

Thursday as I was checking Melissa into school late due to an ortho appointment, I was asked if I wanted to stay and work. I declined saying I didn't feel the best and I had my Bible study. I really thought it was just a minor cold or just my allergies. But no, by mid-morning I was running 100.8 temperature.  I stayed in bed pretty much the rest of the day.

Friday I was called again to work, but declined again thinking that while I felt better, I really didn't feel well enough to deal with teenagers all day.

That's pretty much how subbing goes at times - when you can work, you don't get called. When you can't or don't want to work,  you get called.  Oh, well. This is why I sub - to work when it works outs.

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