Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another Week Gone By

Melissa spent this last week with one set of grandparents - I think she had a great time. She enjoys being the only child   - without any brothers around. She got some cousin time in as well as shopping, of course! She came back with so cute sandals. She claims they are red...I think they are more orange than red, but hey! Whatever. They are cute.

The boys enjoyed the week as well. William had soccer two nights and conditioning three mornings. (I'm really, really tired of those 6 AM workouts....two more weeks...I can do it!) We, also, spent one morning at the soup kitchen...where Ben has a close encounter with some peanut butter in a pan of banana bread....  We did ask about nuts - "no nuts!" Yeah! Then a few minutes later I heard something about peanut butter. I ran to Ben "DON'T EAT THE BREAD!!!" But he had already eaten several bites.

While he had stomach cramps and some itching in his throat, he never got sick. A few weeks ago when he was staying at my mom's while I was in Virginia, he mistakenly ate a yogurt covered peanut thinking it was a yogurt covered raisin. That day he ended up with throwing up several times. 

Fun times, fun times...not.

That's about it for this week.... I did get to enjoy a nice lunch with my parents and in-laws when I meet the in-laws to get Melissa back.  On the way home Melissa and I stopped off at a friend's house - nice visit, but way to short!  I'm sure she and I will get together for a nice meal soon - a long meal!

The boys and I did list a few things on ebay to sell - thankfully, they all have bids! Of course, we're hoping the price goes up as the bidding ends Sunday afternoon. We're now looking for more boxes, so we can sell more things! (So, far it's all books.)

Next week we have a few things....a short trip to Texas to visit friends...our first trip to a Presidential Library.....Melissa getting bottom braces....back to the soup kitchen (no peanut butter this time, I hope)...and sadly, the start of shopping for school uniforms. School starts in a'll be here soon!

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